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Linear luminaire series DSP55U «LED LINE»

Linear luminaire series DSP55U «LED LINE»
Linear, modular luminaire DSP55U «LED LINE» is designed to illuminate office premises, supermarkets, sales areas, business centers, shopping and entertainment centers.
Technical specifications
Colour Rendering Index (Ra) >80
Correlated Color Temp (ССТ) 4000К
IP Rating IР20, IP65
Light source LEDs

The presented series of linear lamps of the DSP55U "LED LINE" series is so universal and simple in application that it can be seen both in rooms of commercial function, and inhabited premises. Linear luminaires are more often used as the main lighting. They can be mounted on the ceiling and on the wall, so their use is quite wide.

Linear luminaire series DSP55U «LED LINE»

Since this equipment is always long and long, it is mostly used in long spacious halls, as well as in corridors, passages and for lighting auxiliary technical rooms of residential buildings. In life, you can often see them here:

  • supermarkets;
  • trading halls;
  • rented offices;
  • entertainment centers;
  • industrial utility rooms.

The basis of the case is actually developed aluminum shape, helps not only to reduce the total weight of the structure, but also to remove any heat released by the device during operation.


The linear, modular lamp is intended for lighting of office rooms, supermarkets, trade halls, business centers, shopping and entertainment centers.
Lamp parameters

Lamp parameters

Model DSP55U-10
Working voltage 220 W
PFC (power factor)PFC (power factor) >0.95
     Lamp power 10 W 20 W 40 W
Light outputLight output >125 Lm/W
Luminous flux of the lamp 1250 Lm 2500 Lm 5000 Lm
Luminous flux distribution (CSF) 120°
Color temperature 4000К
Color rendering factor >80Ra
Weight 0,24 kg 0,52 kg 0,86 kg
Operating temperature – 20°С – +40°С,
Dimensions (L * W * H) 320*40*46mm 600*40*46mm 1200*40*46mm
Level of protection against dust and moisture IP 20
Installation On a cable, on a flat surface (to a ceiling, on a wall)

Dimensional drawing of the luminaire

Dimensional drawing of the luminaire led line

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