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Spotlight DSU05U-500

Spotlight DSU05U-500
Spotlight has universal application for: illumination of territories of industrial, transport, railway, construction and agricultural objects; sports complexes; illumination of areas and other open spaces, streets, roads; road-ways and parking places; architectural structures, facades and monuments; billboards; lighting quarries, mining; for installation on excavators and cranes, as well as objects and other mechanisms with constant high vibration; lighting industrial, commercial, agricultural, warehouse, auxiliary and other premises of the explosive zone of class 22 and fire hazard zones of classes P-I, P-II.
Technical specifications
Protection class IEC (DSTU ІЕС 60598-1:2002) Safety class I
Power Factor Correction (PFC) 0,95
Correlated Color Temp (ССТ) 2700...6000К
Mech. impact protection code (GOST 30631-99) М1
Input voltage (nominal), V 220 AC
IP Rating IP65
Ambient temperature range -40°С...+60°С (У1)
Light source LEDs
Power, W 500
  • innovative design with a unique cooling and heat transfer system that ensures reliable and long-term work of the spotlight;
  • operating AC voltage range: 120 ... 275V;
  • optional equipment may be added to order:
    • IP67 protection
    • antivibration fastening system and/or corrosion resistant material, as well as with the required mounting dimensions
    • Thermoregulation Control Sensor – when the temperature range exceeds the temperature sensor sends a signal to the power supply that lowers the current, thus preventing the premature failure of the LED
    • network interference filter (for protection against short-term peak overload, up to 450V and up to 75ms)
    • Emergency Disconnection Unit (self-healing, switched off from the mains when the voltage exceeds 280V and lasts more than 60ms, and switched on after voltage stabilization)
  • equipped with special discs scale reference for vertical rotation;
  • Light source - Energy-efficient LEDs - energy efficiency class «A++ »! more than 50 ths. hours of continuous operation, stable light flux, instantly ignition/re-ignition, resistant to voltage fluctuations and multiple switching on/off operations, high color transfer, no harmful effect of low frequency pulsations, no ultraviolet radiation, no harmful environment, not needed special recycling (without mercury);
  • Each LED is provided with a back-up protection circuit - in the event of a single LED leakage, the floodlight continues to operate normally without loss of light flux;
  • The smooth start-up allows you to extend the service life of the LEDs by gradually increasing the current voltage, thereby creating a savings mode for LEDs.
  • Electronic components and LEDs of the world's leading manufacturers only
  • High degree of dust protection, fire safety, weatherproof
  • Long service life.
Spotlight Type Voltage, V Protection Range Light Source Power, W Light Flux, lm ±10% Spot Angles
2a at І=0.5 Іmax, degrees, H/V
Dimensions, LxWxH, mm Weight, kg ±10%
DSU05U-500-011 220 AC IP65 LED 500 65000 65/65 420x430x135 17
DSU05U-500-111 220 AC IP65 LED 500 65000 85/85 420x430x135 17
DSU05U-500-211 220 AC IP65 LED 500 65000 115/115 420x430x135 17
Housing Material: metal.
Light Transmission Protective Element - Optical Lens: Heat-resistant Glass.
Mounting Lire: Rolled Steel.
Management equipment: Built-in electronic power supply (EPS).
Cable Input: 1 pcs
Package: spotlight with LED light source.

LIGHT SOURCE: LEDs Cree/Osram or Seoul Semiconductor.

on a horizontal or vertical bearing surface with the help of a rotary lire.

ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: Separate individual cable Ø8 ... 12mm (cross section of conductors 1.5 ... 4 mm2).

WARNING: Mounting system and product shall be a subject of periodical inspection at least once per year. Any rusted element needs to be replaced.

VATRA DSU05U-500-XXX U1 decryption modification:

Where XXX is:

1st digit - type of light-transmitting protective element:

  • 0- Glass Optical Lenses, K (Concentrated)
  • 1- Glass optical lenses, G (Deep)
  • 2- Glass optical lenses, L (Semi-wide)

2nd digit - Power Options:

  • 1 - AC 220V

3rd digit - installation (constructive feature):

  • 1- with the help of lira
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